History of the Ballard P-Patch (Nonprofit client, for print and web, 2022)

​The Ballard P-Patch is one of Seattle’s oldest and largest community gardens and provides a 0.66-acre area of open space in Northwest Seattle for cultivation and repose. I talked to 20+ gardeners to gather stories and images celebrating the history of community gardening on this land.

Outdoors Connector Elisa Lopez (Journey Magazine, Jan/Feb 2021)

Elisa Lopez leads bilingual snowshoeing and hiking trips as project director at Team Naturaleza, a Wenatchee organization connecting diverse communities to trails and wild lands in Washington’s Central Valley.

Environment and Wildlife

(Hari K Patibanda – A Falcon taking Off–Creative Commons)

Peerless Peregrines: This season, the world’s fastest bird nests on wild cliffs, city buildings and bridges around the Northwest.

(Journey Magazine, March/April 2021)

“Peregrines dazzle spectators with steep, 200 mph-plus hunting dives (called ‘stoops’) from 2,000 feet or higher onto unsuspecting prey….The peregrine’s adaptations are ‘a peak of evolution,’ says raptor biologist Bud Anderson”

Seattle’s Vanishing Piers (Crosscut, May 2020) Almost everyone has lost a favorite gathering place. I learned from some Seattle fishers about the Puget Sound pier where they found comfort, solace, friendship, and, implausibly, crème brûlée.

cat and hay

Animals to Watch in the Northwest This Fall (Journey, Sept/Oct 2020)

What Would Nature Do? (Ampersand Magazine, Issue 7, Fall 2018)

An Imported Disease is Threatening Seattle’s Bat Population (Seattle Magazine, September 2018)

Carbon Offsets for Urban Trees Are on the Horizon (CityLab, August 2018; Republished in Mother Jones: LINK  and Pacific Standard: LINK)

Coastal Areas Need Protection and New Solutions are at Hand (ENSIA, March 2018)

The Struggle to Save Seattle’s Urban Tree Canopy (Seattle Magazine, October 2017)

Can Washington’s Solar Boom Survive the Legislative Stalemate? (Seattle Magazine, May 2017)

Seattle Seawalls No Longer A Shore Thing (Seattle Magazine, Dec 2016)

Are High-Rise Wood Buildings in Seattle’s Future? (Seattle Magazine, Oct 2016)

How the West is Won (Land+People Magazine, Fall/Winter 2016, pp. 52-60)

Strength in Timbers (on cross-laminated timber) (Ampersand Magazine, Oct 2015)

Will the Duwamish Ever Be Clean? (Seattle Magazine, Dec 2014)

Oil Trains Through Downtown Seattle (Seattle Magazine, Oct 2014)

Our Sea Stars Are Dying, and No One Knows Why (Seattle Magazine, May 2014)

Are Oysters Doomed? (Slate, Feb 2013)

Climate Change: When Rising Tides Do Not Lift All Boats (Seattle Magazine, May 2013

The Disappearing Habitats of the Vaux’s Swifts (, Nov 2011)

Goods From the Woods (Seattle Magazine, May 2011)

Ocean Acidification: Global Warming’s Doppelgänger (Seattle Magazine, March 2011)

Inside Seattle’s Super-Eco Homes (Seattle Magazine, October 2011)


Almond Milk Is Not the Problem (Slate, July 23, 2014)

A Garden of Eating Blooms on Beacon Hill (Seattle Magazine, August 2012)

Shrimping in the ‘Hood (Seattle Metropolitan, Jan 2009)


A New Gastrointestinal Treatment Takes Guts (Seattle Magazine, April 2015)

The Gruesome History of Eating Corpses As Medicine (Smithsonian, May 2012)

Mothers Search for New Sources of Breast Milk (, June 2010)

Urban Nature

Seattle’s Biggest Urban Farm Is Taking Root (Seattle Magazine, August 2013)

An Arbor Day Tour of Seattle’s Trees (Seattle Times, April 2005)

An Octopus Census at the Seattle Aquarium (Seattle Times, Feb 2005)

Madrona: Forgotten Native of the Northwest (Seattle Times, Sept 2004)


Vashon Island Getaway (AAA Journey Magazine, January 2020)

Ballard’s Nouveau Nordic (AAA Journey Magazine, September 2019)

Explore: Glacier Bay National Park (Sierra Magazine, May/June 2014)

Whidbey Island Getaway (Seattle Magazine, August 2013)

Seattle Day Trip: Capitol Hill (Sunset Magazine, January 2011)

Long Beach Peninsula is a Diner’s Delight (Seattle Times, 2006)

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