Hi, I’m Maria. I am a Seattle science and environment journalist, guidebook author, essayist, and devotee of excellent writing in any genre. I will give my all to nearly any topic, but I’m especially fond of writing about conservation, ocean issues, animals and wildlife, urban nature, travel and food.fullsizerender

I have written on Vaux’s Swifts for Smithsonian.com, ocean acidification for Slate, orcas for Seattle Magazine, shrimp fishing for Seattle Metropolitan, Glacier Bay moose for Sierra Magazine, Washington travel for the Seattle Times, and on many other topics for publications including Newsweek.com, Sunset Magazine, Salon, Ampersand, and elsewhere. Despite my interest in Serious Issues, it’s the quirkier stories that seem to draw attention–I was pelted with emails and tweets (and retweets) after I wrote this almond milk rebuttal, and people linked like crazy to this story on corpse medicine–even Boing Boing blogged about it.

I am also the co-author of Nature in the City: Seattle (Mountaineers Books), which the Seattle Times called “a treasure map to the city’s wild and not-so-wild places,”  and Outside Magazine’s Urban Adventure: Seattle (W.W. Norton & Co.).

Recent Awards:

2014 Society of Professional Journalists NW Excellence Award First Place in Magazine Editorial and Commentary for the Seattle Magazine feature “Star Blight” on sea star wasting disease.

2012 Society of Professional Journalists NW Excellence Award First Place in Magazine Environmental Affairs for the Seattle Magazine feature “The Mysterious Death of Orca L112” on the causes of resident orca population declines.

To keep the mean reds at bay I bake caramel brownies, read, walk, practice French, and read some more. I live with my family in Seattle.

Contact: mariaidolan at gmail dot com or on Twitter @mariaidolan

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